Sept 9, 2008 - New Low Power Design, IPv6, Carrier Grade Voice generating interest among MSOs

Ambit Microsystems, Inc. announced today the launch of its Next Generation 2-line EMTA.

The new EMTA, Model U10C034, recently achieved CableLabs PacketCable 1.5 and DOCSIS 2.0 Certification. The EMTA features a low-power voltage design that utilizes a two-cell battery versus previous generation three-cell battery designs while still meeting operator requirements for battery talk time. The new U10C034 is currently in the certification process with MSOs worldwide. Brian Koenig, Product Line Manager for Voice Products at Ambit, said, “This new design and technology is packing a bigger punch into a smaller package which translates into a more energy efficient and cost effective product for our MSO partners. So, if there’s a power outage, the two-cell battery will allow you to use your phone for up to 8 hours giving you plenty of time to call utilities, emergency services, family, and friends. The low power technology combined with its proven reliability is generating a great deal of interest among cable operators.”

The 2-line EMTA features the next generation IPv6, which greatly expands the number of available Internet addresses that cable operators can use. It also has the ability to process more complex codecs at faster speeds than previous generation EMTAs, and it supports voice services using either NCS protocols defined in PacketCable 1.5 standards or SIP. This will allow cable operators to offer next generation cable communications services to their subscribers.

Ambit said that with carrier grade digital voice, MSOs can have the best possible voice quality available today.