Dallas, TX. - March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ Ubee Interactive, a leader in global broadband technology, today announces the acquisition of substantially all assets of AirWalk Communications™ Inc., the leader in small cell solutions by UbeeAirWalk, a newly formed Ubee subsidiary.


Together, Ubee Interactive and AirWalk offer service providers a full range of solutions to address the needs of the promising connected home and connected office markets. In addition, the acquisition optimizes operational, marketing, and technology synergies and creates a path toward integrating complementary technologies within devices. The purchase contains key technology and IP assets, including AirWalk’s entire patent portfolio. These elements provide Ubee with a comprehensive mobile broadband product portfolio and a presence in the high growth 3G and 4G/LTE small cell markets.

“AirWalk’s advanced small cell technologies, combined with Ubee Interactive’s Fixed and Mobile Broadband high product volume strength, make this a powerful combination for customers, vendors and employees” said Robert Mao, Chairman and CEO of Ubee Interactive.

As operators deploy 4G/LTE networks, small cells play a vital role in delivering seamless coverage and capacity, and AirWalk’s unique flat IP architecture is the preferred solution for small cell deployments” said Charles Kuai, Ubee CSO & President of Mobile Broadband.

“Over the last several years, AirWalk has introduced some of the most innovative products to the small cell market and has been instrumental in building the overall market,” said Serge Pequeux, CEO of AirWalk. “This acquisition will provide the resources to expand the reach of AirWalk’s small cell portfolio and enable the continued development of leading edge products.”

“Cellular operators around the world are endorsing small cell networks as an integral component of their coverage and capacity needs including data off load,” said Mike Holland, SVP of Business Development for Ubee Mobile Broadband. This strategic acquisition will position UbeeAirWalk in key markets with an established customer base. Along with engineering and R&D resources, UbeeAirWalk is taking a significant step forward as one of the world’s leading small cell communications solutions providers.

Based in Dallas, Texas, most team members of AirWalk’s world-class product and engineering organization have chosen to join UbeeAirWalk with the asset purchase. AirWalk’s product line consists of consumer femtocells, enterprise femtocells, picocells and microcells.

About AirWalk Communications: AirWalk Communications Inc. is a leader in innovative small cell solutions. AirWalk’s portfolio, consisting of femtocells, enterprise femtocells, picocells and microcells, complements the existing macro network by enabling operators to extend coverage and capacity in high-density areas. Established in 2002, AirWalk was a privately held CDMA and LTE radio access network company with a customer base consisting of wireless operators worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.airwalkcom.com and http://www.twitter.com/airwalkcom.

About Ubee Interactive: Established in 2008, Ubee is a global broadband technology company providing residential and commercial wireline and wireless solutions to service providers around the world. The company develops and delivers innovative digital devices to leading operators of converged communication services through its strengths in R&D, design, manufacturing and engineering. The company’s product portfolio includes data, voice, video, mobility, and portable devices with over 30 million units deployed worldwide.

Media Contact: George Latsis, VP Global Marketing for Ubee Interactive Corp.george.latsis@ubeeinteractive.com