DENVER, January 20, 2016 /Announcement/—Ubee Interactive Corporation is pleased to announce it is among the first five cable modem vendors to achieve CableLabs® DOCSIS® 3.1 certification. 

Ubee’s next generation DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, model DVMA20, was certified by CableLabs® this month.  It delivers multi-gigabit speeds over the existing hybrid fiber coax networks in use by cable operators today.  Technical specifications include:

  • Downstream:  Two DOCSIS 3.1 channels provide capacity up to 4.6Gbps, 32 single-carrier DOCSIS 3.0 QAM channels provide speeds of up to 1372Mbps
  • Upstream:  Two DOCSIS 3.1 channels provide capacity up to 480Mbps, 8 single-carrier DOCSIS 3.0 QAM channels allow speeds up to 246Mbps

The increased speeds provided by DOCSIS 3.1 technology will allow cable operators to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of higher-speed applications.

“We are extremely proud of achieving this certification milestone,“ said RT Lu, Ubee Interactive’s Senior VP of Product and Technology. “Our customers building high-speed networks are eager to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 technology in response to the dramatic surge in bandwidth demands due to IP-based high definition video services. Infrastructure designers of cable operators are keen to deploy gigabit network services using Cablelabs® certified CPE devices in order to compete with telcos and other fiber-based service providers. We are pleased to partner with Broadcom to design and manufacture a DOCSIS 3.1 certified device using its advanced solution. This will empower our customers to deliver cost-effective gigabit network services in the shortest possible time frame.”

Lu also noted that Ubee, under the Ambit trade name[PB1] , was in the first group of companies to be awarded DOCSIS 3.0 certification by CableLabs® in 2008, and is again in the first group of vendors to receive DOCSIS 3.1 certification from CableLabs®.

Having shipped over 35 million DOCSIS devices, Ubee has been a DOCSIS modem market leader for over ten years.  Ubee is currently engaged in DOCSIS 3.1 testing with several major cable operators.


About Ubee Interactive: Ubee is a global broadband technology company providing residential and commercial wire line and wireless solutions to service providers worldwide. The company develops and delivers innovative digital services to leading operators of converged communication services through its strengths in R&D, design, manufacturing and engineering. Ubee’s product portfolio includes data, voice, video, mobility, and portable devices. Ubee has offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas (USA).