April 14, 2009 - DOCSIS® 3.0 “8 x 4” Modem; PacketCableTM 2.0 E-DVA Among First Such Products to Pass

ENGLEWOOD, CO—(Marketwire - April 14, 2009) - Ubee Interactive (formerly known as Ambit Microsystems), a leading supplier of broadband customer premises equipment (CPE), announced today that all four of its products submitted to CableLabs® in Certification Wave (“CW”) 65 were certified. 3 of the 4 products were based on the DOCSIS 3.0 specification.

Up to now, DOCSIS 3.0 products could support downstream rates of 160 Mbps, but Ubee’s model DDM 3500 modem (8 downstream channels & 4 upstream channels, or “8 x 4”) can deliver up to 320 Mbps downstream, and as much as 120 Mbps upstream. Additional DOCSIS 3.0 products approved by CableLabs include their model U10CO35 (4 x 4) cable modem, and the DVM 3200 EMTA (8 x 4; PacketCable 1.5 support).

By virtue of CW65 certification, the DVM3200 is among the first group of DOCSIS 3.0 voice terminals certified by CableLabs.

“Wideband leadership is a key component of our growth strategy,” said Maria Popo, President of Ubee/Americas. “We are passionate about improving the broadband experience for consumers and creating additional revenue streams for service providers.” Popo noted that Ubee Interactive was among the first group of companies to be awarded DOCSIS 3.0 certification by CableLabs® last May, and that their 3.0 products are being deployed in volume by major cable operators in the United States and the United Kingdom. Ubee is also the sole supplier to the world’s largest wideband deployment at SK Broadband (formerly Hanaro Telecom) in Korea, with over 1 million channel-bonded modems deployed.

Beyond DOCSIS 3.0 products, Ubee’s model DVM2210 E-DVA (E-Digital Voice Adapter) was also certified in CW65, placing it in the first PacketCable 2.0 products ever approved by CableLabs. Building on previous CableLabs specifications, PacketCable 2.0 was developed to enable SIP-based endpoints, allowing subscribers to readily access multimedia applications and other advanced features developed within IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architectures.

“Certifying two leading-edge voice products is a great source of pride for our company,” said Dr. Y.H. Lin, Ubee’s Chief Executive Officer. “It validates our ability to assimilate new technologies and turn them into deployable, affordable products.”

About Ubee Interactive
Founded in 1991, Ubee Interactive supplies innovative, cost-effective communications products to wired and wireless service providers. The company’s product portfolio consists of customer premises equipment (CPE) and related software for data, voice, video, and wireless networks. With over 20 million devices installed, Ubee products are used extensively by leading service providers worldwide, supported from offices in Englewood, Colorado (USA), Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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