August, 12, 2010 - Cable Operators in North America and Europe Using Ubee’s Combination EMTAs to Deliver Voice and Data

DENVER, August, 12, 2010—Ubee Interactive today announced it has crossed the 1 million mark on Docsis 3.0 units shipped worldwide. This figure is the total collectively between the company’s major Cable MSO customers in the Americas and European markets.

Docsis 3.0 products and services enable cable operators to provide ultra high speed broadband to both residential and small to medium sized business customers at new performance levels that optimize the internet experience. While originally the “D” in Docsis stands for data, it’s becoming a misnomer in version 3.0 because the standard makes it more practical for MSOs to deliver voice and video over IP thanks to increased throughput and quality of service.

Ubee Docsis 3.0 EMTAs provide both data and voice services in one package. A reflection of the company’s shipment mix between data only and voice & data combined show an equal split. “D3 is deploying very quickly across North America,” says Maria Popo, President of the Americas for Ubee. “More than a dozen cable operators in Canada, the US and Latin America are now rolling out Docsis 3.0. Ubee is well ahead of schedule of shipments of D3 units and we have accelerated our forecasted timetable. We are well on our way to shipping 2 million units with half of that number being voice.”

“Wideband has become much more than an Americas’ phenomenon,” says Ben Huang, Vice President of Europe for Ubee. “High speed data has been a priority for Ubee outside of North America for some time,” he says. He further stated that “given the state of the economy worldwide, the cable broadband market is somewhat of a bright spot by proving that cable operators remain committed to expanding their Docsis 3.0 footprint in Europe.”

Ubee is a leader in Docsis 3.0 product and service deployments globally. The company has been at the lead in securing the Docsis 3.0 certification and offering the standard in modems, routers and gateways since 2002. Dr. Lin, CEO of Ubee states “the significance of the 1 million unit milestone is a strong testament to Ubee’s commitment to provide broadband customers worldwide with innovative products and real time customer service.” Ubee’s Docsis 3.0 line of products with voice enables cable operators to increase their ARPU while cost effectively enhancing new value added services for their subscribers.

About Ubee Interactive
Ubee Interactive provides residential, commercial, and automotive broadband solutions to service providers that deliver world-class information, entertainment, and communication services. The company’s product portfolio covers data, voice, video, mobility, and portable devices. With over 20 million devices deployed worldwide, Ubee products are used extensively by leading service providers globally and supported with offices in Europe: Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Asia: Hsinchu, Taiwan, and The Americas: Englewood, Colorado (USA).

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George Latsis
Global Marketing for Ubee Interactive