Cable Modem Status Software

The Cable Modem Status Software screen displays general connection information about the Ubee device. 

  1. Login into the device as described in the “How do I log into the modem’s Web User Interface?” FAQ.
  2. Click Status from the main menu.
  3. The Software screen is displayed.  Refer to the screenshot below.  Field descriptions follow.


  • Standard Specification Compliant – Defines the current DOCSIS standard of the device, which is DOCSIS 3.0.
  • Hardware Version – Defines the internal version number that identifies the hardware design.
  • Software Version – Defines the general software version of the device.
  • Cable Modem MAC Address – Defines the unique media access control (MAC) hardware address of the cable modem.
  • Cable Modem Serial Number – Defines the unique manufacturer serial number of the device.
  • CM Certificate – Indicates if the cable modem certificate is installed.


  • System Uptime – Displays how long the device has been connected.
  • Network Access – Defines if network access is enabled. When enabled, the user is allowed to access the network.
  • Cable Modem IP Address – Displays the IP address for the cable modem.