How can I check the modem's Battery to see if it is working?

To check the status of the modem’s battery:

  • When the battery LED on the modem front panel is solidly lit, it means that the battery is in good health and is fully charged.
  • When the battery LED is blinking, the battery might need to be replaced.  If the battery has been recently removed or has been used due to an AC power loss, the battery LED will continue to blink until it is fully charged.  It is advised to let the battery charge for 8+ hours to assure full power functionality the next time AC power is lost.
  • When the battery LED is unlit, the battery may be missing, fully depleted or not properly connected to the PCB pins.  Please open the battery compartment door and, if battery is present, gently push it to make sure it is securely inserted into the PCB pins.  If there is no battery installed in the battery compartment, the battery LED will remain unlit.

The Cable Modem > Battery Info web page offers information on the battery’s status.

Note: Voice service interruption might occur in case of a severe storm where cables are damaged and/or cut due to fallen trees, fires and high winds.  The service is restored once all cables have been reconnected and facilities are functional.