How do I log into the modem's Web User Interface?

Access the Web user interface for your device from a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer on a Windows computer or Safari on a Mac.

1. Launch an Internet browser.

 2.  Enter the following IP address in the address bar of the browser window and press the Enter key: or

 3.  Enter the username and password in the Authentication Required dialog box as follows:

  • Username: user
  • Password: user (Note: After initially logging in to your device, you will be asked to change your password for security reasons.)

  4. The Status screen displays software information about your device.

 5.  A message box displays to change the default password for security reason, click OK

 6. New web page displays the User account, enter new password twice and click Apply

7.   Re-enter new password in Authentication Required message box and press the Enter key

A set of menu tabs will be displayed at the top of the screen as seen below. The menus on the side bar are context sensitive, and change based on the menu tab you select.

Note – If your device is voice-capable such as the DVW326, you will see an additional tab named “telephony.” If your device includes an optional battery, you will also see a tab labeled “Battery."

IMPORTANT: in some geographical areas, the Web UI might be disabled by your Service Provider for security reasons.  Please contact your Service Provider for assistance.