I forgot my personalized password for logging into my modem. What should I do?

If you previously changed the password to access your modem’s web configuration pages, and have forgotten it, see the following options:

  1. We recommend you contact your cable provider’s customer support for help.  They can remotely reset your password over their secure management network.
  2. Alternatively, you can reset factory default values. If you perform a reset to factory defaults, this will negate any setting changes you may have made. After the reset, you MUST RE-ENTER your individual settings (Wi-Fi settings, Port Forward settings, Passwords, etc.). Follow these steps to reset your device to factory default settings:

a)    With the modem powered on, use a toothpick or the end of a paper clip to gently press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.  Release the button and let the modem completely reboot.

b)    With your modem connected to a computer via Ethernet, enter in the address bar of a web browser.  The modem login screen should appear.  Default login values are:

Username: user

Password: user

c)    Once you log into the modem’s web page, you can select the appropriate menu options to re-enter your device settings.