The LED for Ethernet port 1,2, 3, or 4 on the cable modem is not lit

  • Restart the computer so that it can re-establish a connection with the cable modem.
  • Check for a resource conflict (Windows users only). 
  1. With Win7, click Start, right-click on Computer and choose Properties
  2. Click the Device Manager tab and look for a yellow exclamation point or red X over the NIC in the Network Adapters field. If you see either one, you may have an IRQ conflict. Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or your cable service provider for further assistance.
  • Verify that TCP/IP is the default protocol for your network interface card (NIC).
  • Power cycle the cable modem by removing the power adapter from the electrical outlet and plugging it back in. Wait several minutes for the cable modem to re-establish communications with your cable Service Provider.